Texas Masssacre

In the tuning, as in the world of fashion or celebrities what counts is not always how they say about us, but that in general that they say. Sometimes you have to go against the tide, even at the expense of controversy.

Caddy MK1 / Dawid Strzesak (PL)

Probably no one on the Polish scene knows about it as well as Dawid Strzesak aka Texas. You can love or hate his car, but one thing is certain: you can not pass it by ‘just like that’. In 2009, during my first visit at Wolfsgruppe VAG Event (really it’s been almost seven years ?!), I saw Caddy during its debut on the scene. Then the car belonged to the previous owner, cooperating with our editorial Michał ‘Mioo’ Grala. Soon after car went into the hands of the current owner, who in recent years consistently developed the project.

It all began at a time when Dawid finished high school. As he already had the opportunity to observe the tuning scene he knew that at the time of getting the license he will start enacting his own vision. “I decided to buy the car from the VAG group, because in the city where I live, there were already some very good projects, which at that time have won the most prestigious awards on the Polish scene. It was a Golf Mk3 VR6T by Mati, then green Jetta, Golf 1 Cabrio by Frederyk (who remembers that car?) And so on.” – recalls. The first one was Polo 86c, which, despite the far-reaching changes not satisfied the needs of Dawid. “I was looking for VW, which is a classic, unique and affordable for a twenty-year-old guy. The search lasted a very long time, about half a year and suddenly I found a copy for which I was waiting” – he says. Rare Golf pick-up was admittedly newly renovated, but he lacked the precious details that Dawid spent awake at night. Because the funds did not allow the madness, our hero has to wait quite a long for the results.


The first major purchase was the rims. Cult, and rarely seen on domestic projects PLS Daytona etched into the atmosphere perfectly. As the car passed into the hands of Dawid on the stock suspension to achieve the desired effect just missed changes in this respect. There was therefore the decision to mount pneumatic suspension. Like most other works, David decided to do the job himself.

At the time of purchase the most stock element of the car was the interior. This situation has changed completely. The first one went stock seats, which were replaced by bucket counterparts from the Porsche 911 series 996. Then, the dashboard and door panels were trimmed with leather in the color of toffee. The set joined tan carpets, which turned out to be a difficult task to get. The style of the passenger compartment emphasize two rare (especially in combination with each other) elements: a wooden Nardi steering wheel and electronic Digifiz clocks.

“The next step was the engine. I have to admit that my “rival” in the positive sense of the word, was wojtek_sari, who was the owner of a great caddy. I always enviously looked at this project “ – recalls Dawid. Captivating him twin carburetors were also in his car… just like the whole engine of the Wojtek’s Caddy (his current project, the Scirocco Mk1, you will find in the VOLXZONE 30). Not only motor got many cosmetic changes, but also same engine compartment has been significantly modified. There is really a lot deleted items. Polished surfaces perfectly complement the whole.

With smaller or larger changes in the car in such a state visited the shows until 2014. The current incarnation of the Caddy has already won the hearts on the first show in season 2015. It so happened that I left just this one event… and when I got an MMS with a photo I knew that this car arouses the most controversy, but at the same time makes the biggest impression. That was indeed the idea of Dawid: “I decided that I wanted to do something that will be just different, extremely weird, silly, fun, innovative, everyone will evaluate himself.”


Painting the body with the brown paint was the least problematic and questionable part of the plan. “The hardest part was to completely hide the brakes” – says the author, referring to the hidden out of sight servo pump. Most likely, the first such surgery in Poland. The most extreme emotions is, however, a new setup of wheels. Widened Lincoln Town Car rims and tires with a solid stretch are about many digressions. However, the modifications done their job: the car of Dawid can not remain unnoticed.

Projects such as this has one fundamental advantage: even in a few years will still be alive for a long time and remain in tuners minds. “Especially over the winter I did not add any photos, did not wrote on the forums, because I wanted nothing and no one influenced my crazy vision” – crowned Dawid. And thus he created the most “massacre” project of the 2015 season!

„I decided that I wanted to do something that will be just different, extremely weird, silly, fun, innovative, everyone will evaluate himself”



  • 1.8 16V (KR) swap, two twin Weber 45 carburetors
  • custom exhaust system
  • polished: valves cover, gearbox housing etc.
  • removed: unnecessary holes and fixing, servo, air filter cover, battery
  • engine compartment painted in body color


  • Lincoln Town Car (widened) 9×16” (front) and 11×16” (rear)
  • Nankang 195/40 (front) and 215/30 (rear) tyres
  • polished rims
  • bays painted black


  • custom AirRide set


  • Golf MK1 chromed front bumper
  • chrome grille
  • chromed: mirrors, side slats and handles
  • removed rear bumper, darkened headlights and blinkers
  • Golf MK1 GTI wide splitter
  • opening rear window, wooden trim in the trunk


  • Opel Omega front calipers
  • bigger discs


  • Porsche 911 (996) seats
  • Nardi Torino wooden steering wheel
  • Golf MK2 Digifiz clocks, VDO clocks in the center console
  • dashboard, side panels and seats trimmed in toffi leather
  • light-brown carpet



TEXAS company for lenting me a bus