APPLICATION - Żerksee by Wolfsgruppe

The application form will be active from April 15th to June 16th, 2018. For the correct sending the registration form you should fill all fields.

Any questions regarding to Żerksee by Wolfsgruppe or problems with sending the application should be sent to:, or through the Facebook:

! NOTE !

The maximum size of each photo is 1 MB (1048576 bytes). Permitted image formats are: GIF, PNG, JPG or JPEG 

Correct acceptance of the application will be confirmed by the message “Your application has been sent. Thank you!” And the email message, mailed to the address you provided.



E-mail adress

Telephone number

License plate no.

Number of passengers




Which years were you invited to take part in Wolfsgruppe VAG Event

Description of car modifications, short history and additional information about car, url to car fanpage or forum thread.

Car pictures:

Pictures of cars, that you participated in Wolfsgruppe VAG Event. Up to 3 photos: